Coming Full Circle

Ever since I can remember cycling has always been part of my life. Although I’ve seen it take various different shapes and meanings, it’s always remained a constant that I keep coming back to.


Giro Reflections

Many of you know my good mate Veeral Patel. He’s been contributing his photography to this blog since the day it began and we’ve watched him progress throughout the years. Not long ago he couldn’t even get a break when applying for accreditation to photograph local Cyclesport Victoria races. Now, through his perseverance, hard work, …


3 Peaks Challenge – How Does It Compare To A Grand Tour Stage?

Last Sunday approximately 1,500 Australian cyclists ventured into the Victorian Alps to conquer what’s known as “The 3 Peaks”. Bicycle Victoria did an outstanding job at organising the event and making sure everything ran smoothly. When spending +10hrs on a bike there are a lot of things that run through your head. Food and warmth were in …


Trust Your Gut

What a weekend it was. On Friday evening, parts of Melbourne got a very small taste of what Queensland and other areas of Australia experienced through the massive flooding and cyclone Yasi. I don’t mean to make light of the destruction that other Australians have endured as we only saw of the tail end of …


2010 Year In Review

I try and not talk about myself too often in this blog because frankly, I’m not that interesting. However, the other day I was reflecting on what a spectacular year it’s been because of the opportunities I’ve been blessed with as a result of writing this blog. I’ve been living an absolute dream and without a doubt …


RIP Aldo Sassi

Last night I was sad to hear about the passing of Dr. Aldo Sassi. I had something else to post today but I wouldn’t feel right about not paying tribute to one of the highest regarded cycling coaches who ever lived. Dr. Sassi had a very strong influence on many Australian cyclists because of the …


10 things that make the pros different

Every so often I get the privilege to tag along for a ride with the pros when they’re back here for the summer. The tolerate my bad jokes, they wait for me at the tops of the hills, and throw me a spare tube when I’ve punctured for the third time.


Seasoned PRO

Cycling –much like the sea is rumoured to be –is a cruel mistress. Each and every year as I arrive teetering on the edge of a new season, I have to remind myself that cycling owes me absolutely nothing. You see, while she may have led me all the way across the world in the …


What Was I Thinking?

Photo by James Broadway A reader who left a comment yesterday gave me a good idea for a post.  He wanted to know what I’m thinking during a race. It’s a good question because I clearly remember a time when I was doing absolutely nothing during a race except for holding on for dear life. …


Life Tips For Gerro

I’m not sure if anyone noticed but Gerro stopped by Cycling Tips last week and left a comment.   Presumably Gerro was Googling the search terms “Stage Win Vuelta Cycling Tips” and he eventually ended up here (actually, I asked him to stop by).   He also jumped on the opportunity to plug is own blog as …


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