Birds of a feather: The new BMC RoadMachine, Canyon Endurace CF SLX, and Focus Paralane

It’s been an absolute smorgasbord of all-purpose road bike introductions recently, with BMC, Canyon, and Focus all introducing versatile, high-end, and thoroughly engineered options that are designed with real-world road riders in mind instead of racers. Although far from identical, they’re more similar than different, and certain to have broad appeal to a large segment …


Bike highlights from the 2016 Sea Otter Classic

CyclingTips is back from three days of roaming the expo at the annual Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California, and there was no shortage of new gear on tap. Here are some of the complete bikes that caught our attention, with components and accessories in a separate post, here. Masi Bicycles releases updated 2017 road and ‘cross …


Keeping on track during the festive season

The festive time of year can be challenging when you still have training and racing goals to meet. As everyone around you is winding down and enjoying year-end celebrations, staying on track with your fitness and training can be a challenge. Christmas parties, late nights and indulging food and alcohol can quickly impact the time and energy …


Focus Cayo Evo LTD Review

I’ve had extensive experience with various Focus bikes and I’m a big fan. They’ve managed to hold on to their higly regarded brand perception while keeping their prices extremely competitive in a crowded market. In this bike review I look closely at the super lightweight Focus Cayo Evo Limited edition that tips the scales at …


Australian Custom Bicycle Show

For 7 years now I’ve watched the NAHBS evolve from afar. What started as a small scale show held in a hotel conference room has grown immensely. It has also helped revitalise a part of the bike world I have long held close to my heart. Hand made bicycles.


Focus Izalco Review

One of the first questions I almost always get from people while out on the road is “how’s the Focus?”. Our O2 Racing team has ridden the Focus Izalco for the past two seasons and it’s about time I answer this question properly.


Mind Power In Performance Sport

This guest post was written by Tony Fahkry. Tony’s life is dedicated to coaching people on the Mind-Body connection. He contacted me on this idea to write about this topic after I wrote the post titled “What Was I Thinking?“ in which talked about all the random thoughts and doubts that typically go through my …


Happy New Year!

This past weekend brought the end to daylight savings here in Australia, while a few weeks earlier our friends in the Northern Hemisphere gained an hour of daylight. In either case this transition marks a new year in the mind of cyclists everywhere in the world. Luckily the shift in daylight and shorter days here …


The Myth of Natural Ability in Elite Sport

Thanks to Justin Coulson for another insightful article he’s written for us.  You can also read his personal blog here. The Myth Of Natural Ability In Elite Sport by Justin Coulson (School of Psychology, University of Wollongong) Despite decades of psychological research to the contrary, the myth that natural ability makes an athlete superior persists. …


The Four Breeds Of Bike Racers

I’ve still got truckloads of things to talk about from my experience with the Rapha team during the Sun Tour.  John Herety, the Directeur Sportif, was a one-in-a-million character.  Every time John opened his mouth I either learned something profound about cycling or was laughing my ass off. When I was first getting to know …


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