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Freewheeling: Super domestique turned leader

Markus is one of the worlds best domestiques, but ten years into her career she is learning to lead.

Freewheeling: It's never too late for something new

After 11 years at the GreenEdge organization, Amanda Spratt is moving to Trek-Segafredo for the next two seasons.

Freewheeling: Helping the next generation

Jolien D'Hoore is giving back to the next generation by directing AG Insurance-NXTG after retiring from a 12+ year career.

Freewheeling: The Entertainer

When she's not on the bike Alison Jackson is creating content for social media.

Freewheeling: "It’s annoying, but I’ll be back."

Matt de Neef steps in to talk to young Australian talent Sarah Gigante.

Freewheeling: Changing roles and changing teams

Putting yourself in the position to win can be the first step to winning.

Freewheeling: What's the deal with iliac artery endofibrosis?

With up-and-coming expert Kat Stene.

Freewheeling: Perfecting the Bunnyhop

A conversation with Puck Pieterse

Freewheeling: Recovering from the Olympic dream

How to bounce back when a lifelong dream doesn't come true.

Freewheeling: A year to remember

Tour de Romandie wrapped up a fantastic WWT season.

Freewheeling: The fight for WWT status

And a few of the transfers we've missed.

Freewheeling: What a Worlds!

Was this one of the best World Championships in recent years?

Freewheeling: It will be hard to control this Worlds road race

Can the Italians and Dutch be outsmarted by an opportunistic rider?

Freewheeling: Not quite Grand Tour status

But maybe next year?

Freewheeling: MTB takeover!

There will be no talk of road racing here...

Freewheeling: If at first you don't ride away, attack again.

Sometimes it is the strongest rider in the race who takes the win.

Freewheeling: More than meets the eye in Scandinavia

Transfers and a little bike racing fatigue.

Freewheeling Femmes Mini: Thank you Zwift!

For helping make the Tour de France Femmes a reality.

Iris Slappendel: The Tour is exceeding expectations, but it's only the beginning

Slappendel is seeing the Tour de France Femmes from the back of a motorbike, and is filled with optimism for the future of women’s cycling.