How to do a track stand (with Andy White of FYXO)

It’s one of those skills that separates newer cyclists from those that have been riding for years: the humble track stand. The ability to maintain your balance while stationary, your feet clipped into the pedals, doesn’t just look impressive, it’s also extremely practical. No more unclipping at traffic lights, only to have to clip back …


Bikes of the Bunch: Eddy Merckx ‘Team Weinmann’ Corsa Extra

In the latest edition of Bikes of the Bunch, Fyxo founder Andy White shares some words about and photos of a recent Eddy Merckx ‘Team Weinmann’ Corsa Extra build. As Andy explains, “it’s an original classic from 1991, cobbled together with spares lying around.” This bike has some history. It was sourced NOS from the …


Bikes of the Bunch: Olmo Super Gentleman

In the latest edition of Bikes of the Bunch, Andy White from Fyxo.co shares what he calls ‘The Campagnolo Project’, a build featuring a modified modern Athena 11s groupset on a ‘new-old-stock’ Olmo Super Gentleman frame. The origins of this project go back to my days of tinkering and restoring bikes, polishing C Record cranksets, …


Bikes of the Bunch: Kenevans Columbus SL

In this latest instalment of Bikes of the Bunch, we take a look at a FYXO build of a Kenevans Colombus frame, with thanks to FYXO founder Andy White for the words and photos. Kenevans has always had a special place in my heart. The Australian marque has a celebrated past, and Dean Woods to …


Bikes of the Bunch: Colnago Super with Campagnolo 50th Anniversary groupset

In the final edition of Bikes of the Bunch for 2014 we feature a stunning Colnago Super that’s been built up with Campagnolo’s 50th Anniversary Groupset. It was put together as a Christmas present for a customer by FYXO and the company’s founder, Andy White, wrote the following piece about the project. Enjoy!


Bikes of the Bunch: Fyxo Fauxnago ‘Master of Skids’

In this week’s edition of Bikes of the Bunch we feature the so-called ‘Fauxnago Master of Skids’, a custom single-speed build by Fyxo and Gonz Lab that’s been put together ahead of this weekend’s ninth edition of Melburn-Roobaix. Andy White from Fyxo wrote the following and took the photos you see here.


CTech August Product Picks

In this month’s product picks we feature rear lights and a bike computer from Knog, a clever bag for carrying a suit to work, paraphernalia from Fyxo (including NOS Briko sunglasses from the 90s), and a high-powered light for less than $100.


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