CTech August Product Picks

In this month’s product picks we feature rear lights and a bike computer from Knog, a clever bag for carrying a suit to work, paraphernalia from Fyxo (including NOS Briko sunglasses from the 90s), and a high-powered light for less than $100.


The Distance

To travel to the Tour Down Under most of us hopped on an airplane or went on a 10+ hour roadtrip to get to Adelaide. Not Andy White of fyxomatosis. For the second year in a row he rode the thousand kilometers from Melbourne to Adelaide and arrived just in time to join us on …


Bikes Of The Bunch | 7-11 Merckx

Now that the height of the Australian cycling season is over we can now return to regular programming. Andy White from fyxomatosis sent in this beautifully restored 1989 Eddy Merckx Team 7-Eleven with one of his signature stories to go along with it.


Random Ramblings

I’m starting to find the need for a way to communicate random items that people send to me that fall outside of the format of this blog.  This will be the start of a randomly timed “Random Ramblings” post.  If you have something you want me to post feel free to send it over to …


Fyxomatosis V3.0

For all you Fyx freaks out there, have a look at Fyxomatosis‘ extreme makeover. Same great photography and ramblings and now easier to navigate for your viewing pleasure.  Keep up the great work TC


Fyxomatosis Melburn-Roobaix

I’m more of a GC rider but I thought I’d try my hand at one of the legendary Spring Classics this autumn -The Melburn-Roobaix, Hell of the Northcote.  As usual these days, I lugged around my 30kg helmet cam clearly endangering everyone around me looking like a complete idiot.   However, it’s all in the name …


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