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Gallery: What data screens do Tour de France riders have on their head units?

How do you like yours? And how do they compare to those of the world's best?

Garmin Edge 1040 Solar harnesses the sun for 100 hours of claimed run time

Optional built-in Power Glass solar panels feed power to the rechargeable battery while you ride.

Garmin squeezes a camera into new Varia RCT715 radar rear light

Lights, camera, action, Garmin finally adds a camera to its Varia radar tail light.

How the volcanic eruption in Tonga was seen by cycling GPS – 4,000 km away

It looks like there's a glitch in the ride data, but there isn't.

Cannondale’s new 2022 Synapse Carbon road bike integrates lights and radar

It also features an English threaded bottom bracket. Is this even a Cannondale?!

Silca moves to 3D-printed titanium with mega-premium Mensola computer mount

If you thought K-Edge’s aluminum mounts were too expensive already, you’d better sit down for this one.

Here's the lowdown on Garmin's new range of Rally power meter pedals

Details of the new pedal-based power meter range that expands into SPD-SL and SPD-compatible options.

New Garmin Rally power meter pedal family to include SPD-SL and SPD models

New range will include single- and dual-sided options throughout, too.

Report: Garmin secured decryption key, paid ransom to hackers

More than a week after Garmin was crippled by a ransomware attack, the company's services continue to return to normality. Activities are...

How did the Garmin cyber attack happen, and what does it mean for users?

You would have seen the news about the massive “ransomware” attack on Garmin last week. Starting early on Thursday and continuing through...

Garmin is back online after US$10 million extortion

It’s been a horror few days for Garmin. Early on Thursday morning (UTC) the fitness tracking company was hit with a wide-ranging outage t...

Hackers reportedly demand $10 million from Garmin to release data

Hackers are reportedly demanding $10 million to free Garmin's systems from a ransomware cyberattack that began Thursday, according to Ble...

Garmin suffers global outage after suspected ransomware attack

Fitness tracking titan Garmin has been affected by a wide-ranging global outage which has shut down the company’s website, disrupted prod...

Garmin’s new Edge 1030 Plus and Edge 130 Plus offer fresh features

Garmin has revealed two new additions to its Edge range of GPS cycling computers: the Edge 1030 Plus and the Edge 130 Plus. As you might ...

K-Edge’s new computer mount finally lets Trek Madones and Wahoo play nice

Aching for a tech fix now that the annual Sea Otter Classic trade show has been pushed back to October? Never fear! In its place, we brin...

Garmin Edge 530 and Edge 830 GPS cycling computers announced

Garmin has announced the release of two new GPS cycling computers, the Edge 530 and Edge 830. While a lot of the features mirror existing...

CT Recommends: Our favourite GPS cycling computers

Seeking direction on which GPS cycling computer to get? This instalment of CT Recommends should press the right buttons. Here, tech write...

The weekly spin: One cyclist's experience with a month of unprocessed foods

“How’s it going tonight?” The smiling Whole Foods clerk asked me and my wife at checkout. “We’re on the Whole30 diet. It sucks,” I replie...

Garmin Edge 130 review: The spiritual successor to the Edge 500

Garmin’s new Edge 130 packs a generous array of useful features into its diminutive case, but does without the laundry list of more advan...

Garmin launches Edge 130 and 520 Plus GPS computers, new Varia rearview radar

Garmin has refreshed its cycling line with three new products that the U.S. company announced Wednesday in conjunction with the 2018 Sea ...

Garmin Edge 1030 GPS review

The Edge 1030 is the most recent addition to Garmin's cycling GPS range. It replaces the now-three-year-old Edge 1000 at the top of Edge ...