Fitness trackers and cycling: a match made in heaven, or the odd couple?

Fitness trackers were once touted as the next big thing in consumer electronics, and two companies — Fitbit and Garmin — have set their sights on cyclists with two tiny wrist-based models packed with features such as optical heart rate monitors and GPS. On paper, both sound like they could potentially replace a handlebar-mounted computer …


Garmin Edge 1000 GPS review

The Edge 1000 is Garmin’s latest GPS-enabled cycling computer and the highest-specced unit in the Edge range which features the existing Edge 510 and Edge 810. CyclingTips editor Matt de Neef spent a few weeks with the Edge 1000 and wrote the following review.


Garmin Edge 510 GPS Review

If you don’t own a Garmin Edge 500, you probably know someone that does. Like the sound of riders clipping into their pedals as they set off from the traffic lights, the sound of an auto-resuming Garmin Edge 500 has become one of the sounds of the bunch ride. And over the past few weeks …


Garmin Edge 800 GPS Review

The Garmin Edge 800 GPS bike computer has been around for about for about a year and I’ve now had the chance to give it a flogging for a numbers of months.


How Time Gaps Are Calculated

Last week a mate and I were talking about how the time gaps of breakaways are calculated in World Tour races. The more we thought about it, we came to the realisation that we had no clue of how this is done. In this day and age you’d expect that race officials would calculate the …


Garmin Edge 200 Review

This review is for all those riders that have never used a GPS device, either in a car or on a bike. I had never used one, and while I was aware of these gadgets and what they could do, they were always too pricey and overstocked with features to appeal. That was until Garmin …


Garmin Edge 500 Review

Every once in a while there’s a product that comes along that I like so much and I won’t shut up about it.  The Garmin Edge 500 bike computer is one of those products. It’s been my little gadget of obsession over the past few months. I’ve been using it since Christmas and have given …


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