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Hands-on with a new premium race version of the popular semi-slick gravel rubber

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What tire pressure are you running?

Schwalbe announces new G-One R gravel tyres

Schwalbe's new offering promises souplesse, speed, grip, and puncture protection in 40 and 45mm sizes.

Panaracer announces limited-edition pink and blue Gravel King tyres

For the fourth year running Panaracer is offering a single run of Gravel King colour options.

Maxxis Receptor is a new gravel tyre featuring MTB tech and a tan sidewall

Maxxis extends its gravel range with a new semi-slick offering

Are all bikes gravel bikes? Testing a theory in the Pyrenees

Marketing drivel, we all love it. Brands like to pitch their products as the ultimate in a set category. Be it the fastest, comfiest, the...

Specialized Rhombus first look: a gravel tyre for when things get rowdy

The launch of the third-generation Specialized Diverge has brought with it a number of surprises, with more models, new geometry and a fl...

WTB’s new Raddler gravel tire has more bite than the Riddler

Described as a “fast gravel tire, with a mountain bike soul”, WTB’s new Raddler is effectively a more aggressive version of the Riddler, ...

Specialized Pathfinder Pro gravel tyre: a visual report card

Specialized is one of the mainstream originators of the ambiguously defined gravel category, with a broad and growing range of adventure-...

The basics of gravel racing: How to pick the best gravel tires

Picking tires for gravel racing and riding is complicated. There isn’t one right answer. Sometimes there isn’t any right answer. Tire sel...