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Spotted: New Lapierre Xelius SL3

Groupama-FDJ riders have a brand new Xelius SL3 all-around lightweight aero bike for the Tour de France.

My First Race: Jake Stewart, the next sprint superstar?

Jake Stewart may not be a name you're all too familiar with, at least until he was pushed into a barrier by Nacer Bouhanni.

Lapierre unveils faster, stiffer, and comfier Aircode DRS aero road bike

We first spotted Lapierre’s next-generation Aircode aero road racer back in March, and the company has now finally spilled the beans on t...

The curious case of Bruno Armirail, quarantine escape-artist

In the days and weeks since the 2020 UAE Tour screeched to a premature halt, wild stories of the race and its aftermath have slowly emerg...