New kits, kicks and lids of the 2017 WorldTour

The clothing of professional cycling is a crucial part of the sport’s commercialisation. Without this canvas space, the rolling billboard that is the WorldTour just wouldn’t be the same. Teams come and go and sponsors change, leading to new colours, new clothing and new accessories to see. And every season, some kits are simply better than …


Bell Zephyr helmet review: Say goodbye to sweat in your eyes

Sweat management is one of the least-discussed aspects of helmet performance, and yet one of the most annoying when it isn’t done well. With the new Zephyr, Bell has not only managed to create a fantastic all-around road helmet packed with the latest safety features, but also one that utterly squashes the perennial issue of perspiration …


Scott Cadence Plus aero helmet review

After four years of development, Scott has unveiled two new road helmets — the Cadence Plus and Centric Plus — that the company says maximise aerodynamics without sacrificing ventilation or safety. Both helmets are targeted for elite competition, where the Cadence Plus is designed to provide an extra edge in aerodynamic performance, while the Centric …


New Giro Aerohead TT/tri helmet launched at Amgen Tour of California

BMC rider Rohan Dennis used a mysterious new Giro time trial helmet on his way to winning the prologue at last year’s Tour de France. Finally officially launched here at the Amgen Tour of California, this new Aerohead is supposedly not only — naturally — the most aerodynamic helmet Giro has produced to date but it’s …


Giant Rev helmet review

Bicycle helmets are curious little items. On the one hand, they’re little more than simple chunks of molded polystyrene foam riddled with holes and covered with a plastic shell — basically a candy-coated Styrofoam coffee cup that you can’t eat and doesn’t actually hold coffee. In light of that, it’s perhaps not exactly surprising to …


Liv Attacca aero helmet reviewed

Nowadays it seems that if your helmet isn’t aero, it’s no good. All big brands have jumped on the bandwagon, each  with their own aerodynamic interpretations. Giant and its Liv women’s line are no different. When they debuted their new line of helmets at Sea Otter last year it included four aero helmets, two per …

Rocacorba Daily

In this morning’s edition of the Rocacorba Daily news digest: Three years in gaol for doping under new German law to take effect next year; Grivko to auction off Tour de France bike in aid of injured Ukrainian soldiers; Vuelta to end with a night stage?; Roberto Ferrari extends contract with Lampre-Merida; Bikes from Lance …


A Change Of Tune

A few months ago I wrote my views on helmet use after a friend of mine spent thirteen days in intensive care with a head injury after a bike accident. At that time I was slightly sensitive to the topic, but since then I’ve changed my sweeping opinion on helmet regulations.


Not Another Helmet Debate!

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything on my Fairfax blog. This morning I got back at it and put something together that always attracts a lot of undue attention. The helmet debate. I normally don’t pay too much attention to these helmet debates. They’re usually just a topic that mainstream media latches …


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