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Hors Course stage 21 and stage 1: Allez les Femmes!

As the Tour de France Hommes hand over to the Femmes, we look at some of the most famous women associated with belle Paris.

Hors Course stage 20: A pilgrim’s route and the final cheese segment of the week

Rocamadour is the Tour’s last stop before Paris, and the stage 20 time trial visits the home of a delicious goat’s cheese.

Hors Course stage 19: Castles, saints and religious relics

Stage 19. We're almost there. But before the weekend, there's one more stage that looks like one for the sprinters.

Hors Course stage 17: Octave Lapize and the Tour’s first visit to the Pyrenees

Stage 17 sees the peloton tackle four climbs in the Pyrenees, a mountain range with an enchanting history at the Tour de France.

Hors Course stage 16: Dinosaurs and some dark religious history in the Pyrenees

The third week of the Tour de France is upon us and the peloton is heading into the Pyrenees for stage 16.

Hors Course stage 15: Medieval Carcassonne and its signature dish, the cassoulet

We’re back in Carcassonne for stage 15, scene of history-making sprint victories and some delicious history.

Hors Course stage 14: Architectural wonders and an underwhelming cheese dish

Before we revisit the spectacular Mende finale seen at the 2015 Tour, stage 14 visits some stunning sights and a less stunning recipe…

Hors Course stage 13: A short history of Bastille Day

As stage 13 finally leaves the high mountains, we revisit the history of Bastille Day, celebrated yesterday across France.

Hors Course stage 12: From the Fortifications of Vauban to the legendary Alpe d’Huez

Stage 12 of the Tour de France goes from Briançon to Alpe d'Huez, the last in a trio of stages in the French Alps.

Hors Course stage 11: High mountain passes and unbeatable cheese

The Tour de France passes its highest point on stage 11 (for the first time), but more importantly … cheese!

Hors Course stage 10: A doping era resurgence in the French Alps

Stage 10 of the 2022 Tour goes deep in the French Alps, home of some of Floyd Landis's most well-known race days back in 2006.

Hors Course stage 9: Freddie Mercury and Charlie Chaplin on Lake Geneva

Stage 9 of the Tour de France takes the peloton into the mountains via Lake Geneva, which has been home to some very famous names.

Hors Course stage 8: In the country of the versatile Comté cheese

Stage 8 finally brings the Tour de France to cheese country, and today, the focus is on the nutty deliciousness of Comté.

Hors Course stage 7: The legend of la Planche des Belles Filles

What's in a name? With the Tour's first summit finish on stage 7, José Been recounts the legend of the Planche des Belles Filles.

Hors Course stage 6: Cycling history and safe havens on the Tour's longest stage

Stage 6 is the longest of the 2022 Tour de France, so what better day than this to delve into some local and cycling history?

Hors Course stage 5: Out of the comfort zone and onto the Paris-Roubaix cobbles

It's 'Paris-Roubaix' day! As the Tour de France peloton takes on stage 5, José Been recounts her own cobbled experience.

Hors Course stage 4: The Tour and its publicity caravan make landfall in France

Stage 4 takes the peloton - and the Tour de France caravan - from Dunkirk to Calais on the Strait of Dover. Look out for the white cliffs.

Hors Course stage 3: Cycling royalty and a 'bog body' on the last day in Denmark

Stage 3 starts in the birth place of multiple Tour stage and 1993 Vuelta winner Tony Rominger, also home of the Haraldskær 'bog body'.

Hors Course stage 2: Viking travel routes and horror stories of island confinement

Stage 2 of the Tour de France covers almost 200 flat and windy kilometres, including an 18 km bridge that traverses some fascinating hist...

Hors Course stage 1: Copenhagen, a city of bikes, history and New Nordic Cuisine

Stage 1 of the Tour de France is a 13.2 km time trial in Copenhagen, a city with a 350 km network of bike paths, and plenty more besides.