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Gallery: Ganna's Hour Record bikes provide a peek into the future of aero

A closer look at Ganna's Pinarello Bolide F HR 3D bikes, Princeton wheels, and Assioma pedals in all their Hour Record glory.

Filippo Ganna puts the UCI World Hour Record into untouchable territory

Not only did he break the UCI World Hour Record, but he unified the Hour by exceeding Chris Boardman's 1996 'superman' benchmark.

The Grenchen weather gods shine on Ganna's Hour Record

Live weather conditions from track centre and how they impact Ganna's Hour Record attempt.

Hour Record: How to watch and how far Ganna will go

We take a look at the latest weather forecasts, expert opinion, and past form.

British junior cyclist rides 49.1 km hour record

The UCI doesn't recognise a World Junior Hour Record, but British Cycling will ratify Fred Meredith's ride.

Alex Dowsett falls short in Hour Record attempt

Dowsett was off the pace from the 10-minute mark and drifted from there.

Alex Dowsett's Hour Record skinsuit and kit

Dowsett unveils his custom-made, left-turn-only Vorteq skinsuit for his upcoming attempt on the UCI Hour Record.

Alex Dowsett's Hour Record bike: a track-adapted Factor Hanzo

With adapted dropouts, a £950 chainring, and a healthy dose of optimisation, will Alex Dowsett power this Factor Hanzo to a new Hour Record?

48.405km: Joss Lowden has broken the Hour Record

Lowden broke Vittoria Bussi's previous record in Grenchen, Switzerland

Living legend: A chat with 106-year-old record-breaking rider Robert Marchand

Being a cycling journalist (I use "journalist" in the loosest possible sense), there are a few rules I like to stick to. One of the bigge...

Hour record holder Marchand retires….at 106 years of age

It’s a well-earned rest, although he’ll continue to cycle for pleasure. At 106 years of age, French rider Robert Marchand has ended his c...

NAHBS 2016: Rob English reinterprets Graeme Obree’s Old Faithful

Without a doubt, Rob English is one of the most creative custom bike builders of the modern era, deftly blending art, science, and engine...

Photo gallery: Evelyn Stevens’ Specialized S-Works Shiv TT Hour Record bike

On Saturday, American Evelyn Stevens will attempt to topple Jeannie Longo’s "all-time hour record" mark of 48.159km — a high bar that sti...

Stevens on track to set new UCI Hour Record

As the saying goes, it’s not practice that makes perfect, but rather perfect practice that makes perfect. If so, American Evelyn Stevens ...

US Hour Record holder Molly Shaffer Van Houweling aims for world record

From the Ella archives: We wrote this piece when Molly Shaffer van Houweling first announced her hour record attempt. Now, her time is he...

Alex Dowsett smashes Rohan Dennis’ UCI hour record in Manchester

Taking on the UCI hour record set by Australian rider Rohan Dennis on February 8 in Grenchen, Switzerland, Alex Dowsett was successful in...

Sarah Storey's Hour Record Live Stream

Tune in here for Sarah Storey's attempt for the Hour Record taking place at the Lee Valley Velopark in London on Saturday February 28 at ...

Putting the hour record into perspective: How does an amateur compare?

Admit it. You've wondered how you would compare when stacked up against the pros. Most of us will never have the chance to find out, but ...

The Week in Bike #56 - The Apology Show

I'll admit it—I'm human. Sometimes I get things wrong. So to make up for fifty-some-odd episodes worth of misdeeds, half-truths and false...

Rohan Dennis world hour record attempt live stream

Tune in on Sunday February 8 at 11:50pm ADST (1.50pm local time, GMT +1) to see Rohan Dennis take a shot at the world hour record in Gren...

Bobridge unsuccessful in hour record bid, covers 51.3km for new Australian record

South Australian Jack Bobridge has been unsuccessful in his attempt to beat the world hour record set by Matthias Brändle on October 30, ...