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Zwift launches $499 Zwift Hub direct drive trainer

The Zwift Hub trainer is intended to make getting on Zwift easier and (a bit) cheaper.

The latest and greatest in indoor training tech from Eurobike 2022

A closer look at some of the indoor training-specific tech on show at Eurobike 2022.

Elite's new Aria is the smartest and most adjustable fan we have seen

Elite adds power meter pairing and core body temperature control to speed and heart rate in a new air-filtering smart fan for indoor trai...

Tested: What is the best fan for indoor training?

A good fan is essential for indoor riding, but what makes a fan good? We put several through a series of tests to find out which one is r...

How to build your perfect pain cave: Part three – nice-to-have accessories

The final instalment in the definitive guide to building the best indoor training setup.

Exposed! Adidas' Indoor Cycling shoes are indoor cycling shoes

Adidas shoe naming department, making my job easier since November 2020.

How to build your perfect pain cave: Part two – essential accessories

To get the most out of your indoor riding you'll need more than just a smart trainer.

How to build your perfect pain cave: Part one – indoor trainers

At the heart of every indoor setup is an indoor trainer. With so many options, how do we know which is the right trainer for us?

A tilting, steering, gaming smart bike: the Muoverti Tiltbike

Muoverti is a new player in the indoor trainer market launching a new smart bike with some bold claims and unique features.

Elite's new Rizer brings inclines, declines, and steering to indoor training

Elite's gradient simulator brings added realism to virtual riding.

Outdoor cycling legend Sean Kelly launches indoor cycling screen mounts on Kickstarter

Former classics star launches IndoorVelo screen mounts, a new screen display mount to hold multiple devices simultaneously.

The best indoor cycling shoes and do you really need them?

Indoor cycling is booming. Indoor specific garments are now a thing, but do we need indoor specific shoes?

If Zwift had traffic: Become a bike messenger with this indoor-trainer game

Hustle City promises the thrill of zipping through traffic without any of the danger.

Weights, straps and fans: The pain cave of a Zwift world championships rider

The first-ever eSports world championships took place this week, pulling in riders from all over the world to duke it out virtually on Zw...

How to train with purpose during lockdown

The world continues to struggle through the coronavirus pandemic and what a rollercoaster it's proven to be. For months my social media f...

This tilting indoor bike will have you 'crushing your A-game', apparently

Indoors is the new outdoors, as anyone who’s followed the giddy proliferation of smart trainer options will know. And as people have take...

Temperature doping: Are there optimal conditions for indoor training?

More riders than ever have turned to indoor training in recent months as the world continues to battle with COVID-19. While riding indoor...

Can Zwift solve its cheating problem?

If you’ve ridden Zwift, and certainly if you’ve ever raced on the platform, you’ve likely seen them. The amateurs blowing past with Cance...

A more realistic indoor ride: How to build a rocker plate for your trainer

If you've done any amount of riding on an indoor trainer you'll know there are some elements of outdoor riding it simply can't replicate....

Help! Shoddy hasn't a clue how to Zwift

I'm a lucky guy. I live in a place that usually attracts thousands upon thousands of cyclists a year due to it being one of the most (if ...

FulGaz indoor training app review: Real-world riding, indoors

Indoor cycling has gone from strength to strength in recent years and recent lockdowns have only helped accelerate that trend. Smart trai...