Riding away from my heavy past

When I was a kid it was so much easier to be healthy. You ate what your parents laid out in front of you and you just had more energy and time in the schedule to be active. Plus, let’s face it, walking was often the only way to get around. But after high school all …


Adventure, empowerment, change: Videos that will make you want to get in the saddle and ride

  We all need a little bit extra motivation from time to time. Maybe the weather is crappy, maybe you’re tired or maybe you just don’t feel like getting on the bike today. Luckily, the bike industry has really been stepping up their women’s advertising game lately, and there are some really cool videos floating …


Looking For Inspiration?

I was going to give a CYCLING TIP about something completely different today until half way into my ride to work.  I bumped into a good friend of mine named Sharon Laws.  It was a good thing because this was that last time I’ll be seeing her for a long time since she’s moving back …


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