What to do if you’ve been involved in a crash

No cyclist ever wants to be involved in a crash but regardless of how cautious or skilled you are on the bike, there’s every chance you’ll be involved in a crash with a motorist at some point (if you haven’t already). We spoke to some people in the know to find out what you should …


Bicycle Insurance – What You Need To Consider

For a long time now I’ve intended on posting and article on bike insurance. Since this is a massive topic I enlisted the help of Bradley Preist who did a great job writing “Salary Packaging You Bike“. Brad took a while getting back to me but when he did I was blown away. He created …


Why Cyclists Should Pay For Rego

image from Yukon White Light on flickr I just uploaded an blog post to Fairfax newspapers presenting an alternative argument on why cyclists should pay rego.  It all has to do with insurance.  The more people I know who get in serious cycling accidents the more I realize the importance of having good insurance.  If …


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