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Meet Jack, a crowdfunded universal-fit front rack

Handlebar-mounted, built for all bikes, and blowing up on Kickstarter.

We found Kickstarter's silliest bike campaign so you don't have to

A bike without ambition that is allegedly a "two-wheel feather".

The curious case of the handlebar bag scam

Route Werks launched a wildly successful bar bag on Kickstarter – then found themselves sucked into a murky world of online scammers.

Outdoor cycling legend Sean Kelly launches indoor cycling screen mounts on Kickstarter

Former classics star launches IndoorVelo screen mounts, a new screen display mount to hold multiple devices simultaneously.

The Route Werks handlebar bag has clever solutions for common problems

We are living through the renaissance of the handlebar bag. For decades the domain of earnest German brands and touring cyclists, this ma...

Ding ding: Crane e-Ne review and a bike bell battle royale

In the premium bike bell market, there are three leading options: the Spurcycle, the Knog Oi Luxe and the Crane e-Ne. We take an in-depth...

The rise of crowdfunding: Why bike companies are turning to public money

The recent collapse of Brim Brothers has highlighted the risks associated with backing projects on crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter...

When a crowdfunded product fails: The rise and fall of the Brim Brothers power meter

After eight years in development, a highly successful crowdfunding campaign, CEO Barry Redmond announced last week that Brim Brothers was...

Kickstarter : 3-time Olympian Josiah Ng Innovates Dual Helmet Cam

Josiah Ng, a Melbourne-based Malaysian track sprinter well-known within the track cycling community has recently launched a new project o...