Melbourne to Warrnambool

Opinion: The Melbourne to Warrnambool is edging towards extinction

Over the weekend was the 100th edition of the Melbourne to Warrnambool; The world’s second oldest bike race, behind Liege-Bastogne-Liege. As with most editions, the front end of the race was chalk full of talent, but to many, the goal was just to finish within the time cut. Some have called it “the World’s most …


Scott Sunderland wins the 100th edition of the Melbourne to Warrnambool

courtesy of Cycling Australia media release Olympic track sprinter Scott Sunderland (Budget Forklifts) has won the 100th edition of the Melbourne to Warrnambool on Saturday. Alexander Edmondson (SASI) came in second in a bunch kick of nearly 70 riders behind Sunderland while defending champion Ollie Kent-Spark (Search2Retain) took third. After an incredibly uplifting performance from …


The allure of ‘the Warrny’: what makes the Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic so special

This Saturday morning, nearly 300 riders will take to the startline of the 100th edition of the Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic, Australia’s oldest one-day bike race and the second-oldest one-day bike race in the world (after Liege-Bastogne-Liege). This isn’t a story of one of the past winners or even one of the top contenders for …


How the Warrny was won

The Melbourne to Warrnambool is one of the most prestigious races in Australia and one of the oldest races in the world still in existence. On Saturday morning, 238 riders lined up in Werribee to take on the 98th edition of the race. Here’s how the race unfolded, as told by the riders.


Interview with Sam Horgan, winner of the 2013 Melbourne to Warrnambool

We spoke with Sam Horgan of Team Budget Forklifts the morning after he won the Melbourne to Warrnambool. Here’s what he had to say.


Tom Leaper’s Melbourne to Warrnambool

Tom Leaper has never been one to rest on his laurels. He goes about his business quietly and works hard to be one of Australia’s top domestic cyclists. By speaking to him you’d never guess that he’s a former professional and has ridden the Giro d’Italia twice. He’s been showing excellent form over the past …


The Melbourne to Warrnambool – A Dying Classic

The Melbourne to Warrnambool is my absolute favorite race in Australia. It has an tremendous history dating back to 1895. It’s Australia’s oldest one day race and the world’s second oldest, after Liège–Bastogne–Liège. If there was one race I could win in Australia, without question it would be the Warny.


There Goes The Warny

Out of the gates! photo by Leigh Schilling Never again. I know that’s what I say that every year, but I think I’ve sufficiently proved that I will never come close to winning this race.  It’s probably the most prestigious race in Australia that I think everybody dreams of winning (or even completing), but in …


Here Comes The Warny!

My odometer from last year’s Melbourne to Warrnambool The Melbourne to Warrnambool (or “The Warny”) is one of my favorite races in Australia and tomorrow it’s showtime!  It’s a good thing that this blog also serves as my daily diary or else I might forget some of the stupid things I announce from time to …


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