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Muc-Off’s Ludicrous AF is said to be the world’s fastest lube, but is it?

A new drip-on wet lube that’s said to be designed for WorldTour performance.

Muc-Off's new powdered bike wash is plastic-free and BYO-water

A 30 g compostable sachet of cleaning powder makes 1 litre of bike wash.

Muc-Off debuts LOPS oversized derailleur pulley system with Bahrain-McLaren

Oversized rear derailleur pulleys have repeatedly been shown to reduce drivetrain friction, and Muc-Off is now getting into the game with...

Interbike 2018 highlights: Trek’s new e-Domane, split saddles, and a foot pump

I’ll admit to being very apprehensive about Interbike’s new location in Reno, Nevada. But after what seemed like an eternity in Las Vegas...