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Astana is back with a brand new rap and ... oh boy

Look, it's not good. But it is kinda fun.

This new song is a love letter to cycling

The new Bakers Eddy track also sounds a warning to drivers who dare get too close.

10 products I loved in 2021: Iain Treloar

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The Pro's Playlist with Lukas Pöstlberger: The man we don't let near the stereo

Besides being a damn good bike racer, Lukas Pöstlberger of Bora-Hansgrohe is a music nut. We delve in to the music he uses to get himself...

The Pro's Playlist: Pendulum's guitarist, rocking out to riding flat out

I can hear you now; why the heck would the lead guitarist in an international adored band give two hoots about throwing a playlist togeth...

The Pro's Playlist: Daniel Oss, the punk of the peloton

In the second episode of The Pain Cave Playlist, we chat music with Bora-Hansgrohe's Daniel Oss.

Tune up: How to use music to get the best out of your cycling

It’s 1910 and the eccentric researcher Leonard P. Ayres is watching the New York six-day bike race at Madison Square Garden. He’s got his...