Component, accessory highlights from the 2016 Sea Otter Classic

The Sea Otter Classic isn’t just about bikes; there are heaps of new parts and accessories previewed for the coming season as well. Here’s a look at some of what you’ll soon find on store shelves. New carbon clincher wheels from Praxis Cycles, Knight Composites, and Vittoria Long known for hard-wearing and fast-shifting LevaTime forged …


Oakley Jawbreaker review

Approximately every four years Oakley shakes up the eyewear market with a new product which sets the benchmark amongst the pro peloton and amateurs alike. Ever since they gave a suitcase full of Factory Pilots to Phil Anderson and Greg LeMond to distribute amongst the peloton at the ’84 Dauphine, they’ve been the most popular …


CTech April Product Picks

In the April edition of CTech Product Picks we feature nine cool products which you may not have seen before. As ever, if you’ve used any of the products featured and have some constructive feedback, please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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