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In today’s CT Daily News Digest: Richeze wins tight Suisse sprint; Judge rules that Operacion Puerto blood bags can finally be handed over; UCI, WADA to push for identification of Puerto athletes; Interview: Why Phil Gaimon believes Danielson wasn’t doping; Keagan Girdlestone out of coma and breathing unassisted; Dot watching – The Trans Am and the …


Operacion Puerto: UCI, WADA to push for identification of athletes

Although the ten year WADA statute of limitations expired last month, the UCI and the World Anti Doping Agency have both pledged to do what they can to move forward with the identification of the athletes involved in the Operacion Puerto doping affair. Earlier on Thursday a judge in the Provincial Court of Madrid ruled …


Judge rules that Operacion Puerto blood bags can finally be handed over

Over ten years after 211 blood bags were seized in the Operacion Puerto raids in Madrid, Spain, the truth about their origin finally looks set to be revealed. A judge in the Provincial Court of Madrid has ruled on Tuesday that the blood bags should be handed over to the Spanish cycling federation, WADA, the …


The Week in Bike #48 – Grossly Disproportionate

A week of big announcements and bigger reactions. Is it the same old story in cycling, or is the UCI successfully threading needle between future expectations and past mistakes? We hope you enjoy Cosmo Catalano’s latest episode of The Week in Bike.


Controversy as former ONCE manager Saiz returns to cycling

Eight years after he was sidelined from the sport due to his implication in the Operacón Puerto doping affair, former Once and Liberty Seguros general manager Manolo Saiz is returning to international cycling. According to As.com plus EFE, the Spaniard is taking up a sporting manager role with the under 23 Baqué-Campos team and is …


WADA criticises Spanish authorities over Operacion Puerto delay, agency bans use of xenon gas

The World Anti Doping Agency has issued a rebuke over delays in the resolution of the Operacion Puerto case, saying that it is not impressed by the long delays by Spanish authorities to reach a conclusion in the matter. The agency, the UCI and the Spanish anti doping agency all said in May 2013 that …

IOC deplores ruling to destroy doping evidence in Spain

(AFP) – The International Olympic Committee on Wednesday deplored a ruling by a Spanish court that bags of blood seized in a doping case be destroyed, preventing further probes into what has been described as the world’s biggest doping network.

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