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Cool Tool Tuesday #11: Talking Torque wrenches, part two

A guide on how to correctly use a torque wrench.

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Cool Tool Tuesday #5: 25 new bike tools for 2022, part two

Perhaps this will inspire #newtoolday for you.

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A look at the cycle-specific tools that form the basis of a workshop or well-equipped toolbox.

Cool Tool Tuesday #2: Your complete guide to hex keys

A deep dive on the true must-have tool and the 16 or so different styles that exist.

21 cool new bike tools for 2022

The latest from Abbey Bike Tools, Park Tool, Pedro's, Silca, Topeak, Wolf Tooth, Unior, and more.

Pedro’s overhauls its popular tools for 2021

Fresh hex keys, chain keepers, home mechanic tool kits, and more.

Ten products I loved in 2020: Dave Rome

Well, what a year it has been. Things started off as usual, and then nothing was normal. The lack of travel proved a blessing in disguise...

Pedro’s Vise Whip II: a well-loved tool gets updated

Removing a cassette from a wheel isn’t a difficult task, but it does require two specialist tools. First, you need a tool to undo the loc...

Ten products I loved in 2019: Dave Rome

Gosh, has it really been a year since I last wrote one of these? As expected, 2019 was the year of disc-equipped racing bikes, gravel bik...

How to check for chain wear: The easy way, the best way, and why

Your bicycle’s chain is put through hell every time you ride. For every minute of pedaling, approximately 44,000 chain pieces are in moti...

Photo gallery: The best of the 2019 Taipei Cycle Show, day three

I spent my third day of the Taipei Cycle Show in the second exhibition area, strolling the parts and accessory hall - which is somewhat c...

The best degreaser: cleanliness made safe and easy

Used for stripping the grit, grime and grease from a well-pedalled drivetrain, degreaser is a staple chemical of any keen cyclist’s maint...

The best chain breaker for the home mechanic: 15 tested

A chain is one of the most common wear items on a bike and replacing it isn’t all that hard. All you need is some basic knowledge and the...

Photo gallery: 2018 NAHBS chic parts and accessories

The custom frame builders at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show rightfully take center stage, but even they will acknowledge that t...

Clean like a pro: Nine of the best chain keepers reviewed

Whether you call them dummy hubs, chain keepers, wash buddies, or doodads, these small devices are always in use by professional race mec...

Ten products I loved in 2016: Neal Rogers

Cycling media outlets are invariably littered with all sorts of gift ideas for your Lycra-clad loved ones around this time of y...