Attitudes To Nutrition, Weight, Health and Performance

Some of you may recall an article I wrote last year, looking at the potential problems encountered when cyclists become over-obsessed with weight loss. The consequences of extremely restrictive dieting begin with poor performance but can end in long-term physical and mental health problems. My observations amongst the peloton in Australia is that weight loss …


Mind Power In Performance Sport

This guest post was written by Tony Fahkry. Tony’s life is dedicated to coaching people on the Mind-Body connection. He contacted me on this idea to write about this topic after I wrote the post titled “What Was I Thinking?“ in which talked about all the random thoughts and doubts that typically go through my …


Compression Garments For Cycling?

What cyclist wouldn’t be interested in improving recovery, increasing performance, and minimizing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)?   I pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to increase my performance by fractions of a percentage.  Not to mention countless hours of training and various recovery techniques. Compression garments have been the new fad over the …


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