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Shimano releases Pioneer-esque software upgrade for latest gen power meters

Shimano's Dura-Ace R9200P and Ultegra R8100P power meters now offer real-time Force Vector data.

Spotlight: 4iiii’s new Precision 3 power meter gets a 6x boost in run time

Also a lower profile for better frame compatibility, better accuracy, and handy LED indicator lights.

Wahoo releases Powrlink Zero pedals and Rollr trainer

The long awaited power meter pedals are available now alongside the recently spotted 21st century take on classic rollers.

Favero Assioma Duo Shi power meter review: BYO Shimano SPD-SL pedals

An axle upgrade that turns your existing Shimano SPD-SL pedals into a power meter. However, there is one big trade-off.

Confirmed: Shimano-compatible Favero Assioma power meter pedals are on the way

A post on the Favero Instagram account confirms speculation of a Shimano-compatible power meter pedal.

4iiii wants to buy your old left crank and recycle it as a power meter

Got a Shimano left crank sitting around? 4iiii might just pay you for it.

Here's the lowdown on Garmin's new range of Rally power meter pedals

Details of the new pedal-based power meter range that expands into SPD-SL and SPD-compatible options.

New Garmin Rally power meter pedal family to include SPD-SL and SPD models

New range will include single- and dual-sided options throughout, too.

Are cleat-based power meters on the way?

A look at the patent filings belonging to a billion-dollar fitness company.

LEAKED - Favero Assioma Shimano-compatible power meter pedal

Shimano compatible power meter pedals have long been on many riders wish list, is it about to happen?

Firmware update further improves Assioma power meter pedals

New firmware update, why it matters and how to install.

Favero Assioma Duo power meter pedal review: simply great

Power meter pedals have been around a fair while, but only in recent years have they got to a point where I’d want them on my own bike. G...

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Here at CyclingTips we get to test a bunch of stuff, some of us more than others (here's looking at you Huang and Rome). Some of it — no,...

Yes, you can build a DIY power meter at home ... but please don’t

Sensitivus, the Danish company that brought you the "$6 power meter" is at it again, this time with detailed online instructions for how ...

4iiii Innovations drops power meter prices, retroactively extends warranties

Canadian company 4iiii Innovations is the latest brand to announce lower prices for its power meters, matching price drops announced a fe...

Shimano bolsters power meter business with acquisition of Pioneer

Pioneer Electronics today announced that it signed an agreement this past December to sell the cycling part of its business to Shimano. A...

Power and the passion: An introductory guide to power meters

Power meters are an increasingly common piece of equipment. But those who are still on the fence may wonder, what benefits can this techn...

CyclingTips podcast, Episode 30: Is your power meter as accurate as you think it is?

In 2012, Stages Cycling singlehandedly blew the power meter market apart when it launched its single-sided, crank-based unit. Whereas nea...

New 2017 bikes and components on display at the Tour Down Under

The Santos Tour Down Under is the first WorldTour race of the year and it's not just new bikes that are on display. There's also an array...

When a crowdfunded product fails: The rise and fall of the Brim Brothers power meter

After eight years in development, a highly successful crowdfunding campaign, CEO Barry Redmond announced last week that Brim Brothers was...

Verve Cycling InfoCrank powermeter review

Verve Cycling is a relatively new Australian company and their first product is the InfoCrank powermeter. Rather than emulate strategies ...