CyclingTips podcast, Episode 30: Is your power meter as accurate as you think it is?

In 2012, Stages Cycling singlehandedly blew the power meter market apart when it launched its single-sided, crank-based unit. Whereas nearly every power meter cost well upward of US$1000 at the time, Stages forced everyone to reconsider what consumers were willing to pay for the devices, and costs have dropped precipitously since then. Although the feature …


New 2017 bikes and components on display at the Tour Down Under

The Santos Tour Down Under is the first WorldTour race of the year and it’s not just new bikes that are on display. There’s also an array of new tech being used by the teams of the 2017 TDU. Some teams are testing new equipment ahead of the European season, others are using the new …


When a crowdfunded product fails: The rise and fall of the Brim Brothers power meter

After eight years in development, a highly successful crowdfunding campaign, CEO Barry Redmond announced last week that Brim Brothers was shuttering its doors. We speak to him to see what went wrong.


Verve Cycling InfoCrank powermeter review

Verve Cycling is a relatively new Australian company and their first product is the InfoCrank powermeter. Rather than emulate strategies adopted by other companies, the InfoCrank was conceived as an integrated powermeter purpose-built to provide accurate power measurements without the need for ongoing calibration, or indeed, zip ties. After taking a look at the first …


Power2Max Type S Powermeter review

The Type S is the second iteration for Power2Max’s crank-based power meter design. The new design offers greater compatibility and weighs a little less, plus it has been incorporated into a carbon Campagnolo crankset.


Quarq ELSA RS power meter review

Quarq has been refining its crank-based power meters since 2006. The company’s latest road crank, ELSA RS, features a four-bolt spider specifically designed for Shimano chainrings. In this review, CTech Editor Matt Wikstrom takes a closer look at what the ELSA RS has to offer.


Pioneer Gen-2 Powermeter Review

Pioneer isn’t a company you think of when talking powermeters. However, inside the US division of the company are a number of cycling enthusiasts and when they began tinkering with the idea, they realised that they had all of the technology in-house to be able to create a powermeter with all the best features that …


Stages Powermeter Review

There have been a number of advancements in powermeter technology in the past year and all this competition is a fantastic thing for consumers – it means better technology, more choices, and better prices for users entering the market. On that note, Stages is a newcomer to the powermeter scene and the company is already …


Garmin Vector First Look

Over the weekend was the first public showing of the Garmin Vector powermeter at the Ausbike Expo. The guys from Garmin were flat out showing it to the hordes of people interested in seeing this long anticipated pedal-based power meter. Will it live up to expectations?


Quarq v.s. Powertap – Powermeter Review

I’ve been a bit of a powermeter freak for about 7 years now and have a hard time imagining training without one. This isn’t to say that you need a powermeter, however I personally get a lot of enjoyment and insight by having one. Quite often the first thing I do when I get home …


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