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Victorian cyclists miss out on minimum passing distance law

The Victorian government has announced that it has no immediate plans to introduce a minimum passing distance law for vehicles overtaking cyclists. In a reported tabled in state parliament today, the Daniel Andrews Labor government revealed its two-stage approach to the issue of rider safety, after considering recommendations made by an Economy and Infrastructure Committee …


South Australia introduces a minimum passing distance when overtaking cyclists

South Australia has become the first state or territory of Australia to introduce a permanent, minimum passing distance when overtaking cyclists. From October 25, 2015 South Australian road users will be required to leave at least one metre when overtaking cyclists on roads with speed limits up to and including 60km/h. On roads with higher …


How to navigate insurance, police and legal aspects after a collision

As much as we all love riding on empty country roads on blue sky days, most of the riding we do involves some interaction with other road users in varying weather conditions. We don’t like to think about it, but cycling can be hazardous.  In my last column, I covered how accidents can be avoided, …


How to avoid accidents and collisions on the road

Please give a warm Ella welcome to our new contributor Rae-Anne Hardie. Rae-Anne is a cancer researcher and longtime cyclist. Growing up in Canada, Rae-Ane began mountain biking in high school. She relocated to Australia for her PhD in medicine and raced with Sydney Uni Velo and Western Sydney Mountain Bike clubs while pursuing her degree. …


Turning tragedy into change: Remembering Amy Gillett 10 years on

It was 10 years ago today when, on a training ride in Germany before Thüringen Rundfahrt, the then 29-year-old Amy Gillett and her five Australian teammates were struck by a car. The five teammates survived; Amy did not. The accident led to an outpouring of grief and support from the cycling community worldwide with statements …


‘Safety in numbers’: reducing the risks for cyclists

There’s a theory in cycling safety circles that the more people riding bikes, the safer cycling becomes for everyone. And while research has shown the concept to work in cyclo-utopias like Denmark and the Netherlands, there’s been nothing to show that the same is true here in Australia. But now, a research paper from Monash …


Fly6 camera and rear light review

The Fly6 tail-light doubles as a rear-facing camera to watch your back. The device has enjoyed a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $250,000, and the first production units will be ready to ship by the end of May. In this review, CTech Editor Matt Wikstrom takes a closer look at the fifth-generation prototype.


Trying to make sense of the Sydney cycling crash

A crash in Sydney yesterday involving a motorist and half a dozen cyclists has attracted significant media attention around Australia and beyond. Reports have focused on the fact the cyclists were riding on the busy Southern Cross Drive in Sydney’s south but as local cyclist John Sunde writes, the location of the incident isn’t particularly …


A Metre Matters, but will it improve cyclist safety?

Last Friday the Queensland Minister for Transport Scott Emerson announced a two-year trial of a minimum passing distance for motorists who are overtaking cyclists: one metre on roads with speed limits up to 60km/h and 1.5m on faster roads. It’s the latest development in the Amy Gillett Foundation’s A Metre Matters campaign, a push to …


How far from the curb should you ride?

We’ve all been there. You’re just riding down the road, minding your own business, when a motorist drives past you, missing you by mere centimetres. It can be scary and frustrating and it’s almost always dangerous. So what can we do to avoid being “buzzed”? Is it safer to ride further out from the curb?


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