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A deep dive and video on the challenges and thinking behind optimising an Everesting bike.

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How Ronan Mc Laughlin broke the Everesting world record

6:40:54. That's how long it took Ronan Mc Laughlin, a full time tech writer here at CyclingTips, a father and a husband, to ride the heig...

Ronan Mc Laughlin has smashed the Everesting record in 6 hours 40 minutes

Nearly eight months after setting a new record, CyclingTips' own Ronan Mc Laughlin has again set a new mark.

6.2 kg, three gears and cut-off drops: The bike used for the Everesting record

New Everesting record holder, Ronan McLaughlin, takes a deep dive into the customisation bestowed upon his Specialized Tarmac SL6.

Contador dethroned: Irish cyclist breaks Everesting record by 20 minutes

The Everesting record recently set by Alberto Contador has just been toppled by Irish cyclist Ronan McLaughlin. McLaughlin’s time of 7:04...