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Inside the struggle to save Gazprom-RusVelo

As war rages, a team – and Russian cycling itself – is on the brink of collapse. Do they deserve salvation?

Opinion: A Better Way To Punish Putin And His Enablers

Sports is absolutely a valid venue for sanctions against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but the UCI’s current approach is a mess.

British Cycling calls for tougher measures in cycling's Ukraine response

British Cycling is pushing for the suspension of the Russian and Belarusian Federations, management committee members, and riders.

UCI status revoked from Russian and Belarusian teams

The UCI stopped short of banning Russian and Belarusian athletes from racing for trade teams.

International Olympic Committee recommends ban on Russian and Belarusian athletes

"The Olympic Movement is united in its mission to contribute to peace through sport and to unite the world in peaceful competition beyond...

What happens when politicians meddle with sport? A Russian's perspective

The first time I saw a white flag with Olympic rings representing a country, I was sitting on my sister’s couch watching the Moscow 1980 ...

Op-Ed: 'All Russians are dopers' is a bogeyman narrative about a rogue nation

I was 14 years old and in my second full cycling season when Sergei Sukhoruchenkov won the 1980 Olympic road race in Moscow at the height...

Doping for a documentary: An interview with Icarus director Bryan Fogel

For the documentary Icarus — which won the first-ever Orwell Award at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival in January, and was released on Net...

Anti-doping officials, athlete groups request entire Russian delegation is barred from Rio Olympics

Anti-doping officials from at least 10 nations and 20 athlete groups will request that the entire Russian delegation be barred from the S...