December 2016 Product Picks: Smith Optics, Bontrager, Edco 3ax, Bar Fly, Fix-It Sticks, Tacx, and Wind-Blox

In this month’s edition of Product Picks, U.S. technical editor James Huang provides his feedback on Smith Optics’ latest lens technology, some budget-minded footwear from Bontrager, a novel pedal concept from Edco 3ax, Bar Fly’s latest two-in-one gadget, Fix-It Sticks’ innovative take on the lowly multi-tool, Tacx’s stylish water bottle and cage, and a neat …


Suplest Edge/3 Pro road shoe review

With its name on cycling shoes and nothing else, Suplest remains a relatively small brand in the cycling shoe market nearly a decade after its inception. The Edge/3 Pro is the brand’s latest top-tier road offering, a shoe that boasts a number of unique features – and some less unique – that help place it …


Fi’zi:k R1B Uomo road shoe review

Fi’zi:k has been in the cycling footwear business for six years now, and while they’re sadly no longer made in Italy, they still very much embody what you expect from an Italian shoe. Whether being quintessentially Italian is a good thing, however, will inevitably depend on your feet. Here’s what U.S. tech editor James Huang …


Bont Cycling: the story of a small Aussie brand taking on the cycling shoe industry

Here at CyclingTips we’re excited to bring you the latest shoes from Bont Cycling, the 2016 Vaypor+, available through the CyclingTips Emporium. We’re also giving you the (optional) opportunity to add custom embroidery for that extra bling factor in the bunc read more

First-look review: Shimano RP3 shoes

Shimano entered the cycling shoe market in 1990 when it unveiled its M100 shoe in conjunction with the M737 pedal for off-road riding. Twenty-six years later, Shimano’s shoe catalogue is stacked with almost 50 different shoes to suit a variety of riding disciplines (road, off-road, and touring). There are four categories in Shimano’s current road …


Pearl Izumi PRO Leader III shoe review

Peel back the insole of virtually every cycling shoe on the market and you’ll see a sad little tan layer of material that basically looks (and feels) almost like cardboard. It’s called a lasting board and it’s been a staple in shoe construction for ages. But if you do the same with the Pearl Izumi …


Ridden and reviewed: Women’s road shoes

Shoes are a highly personalised item. What works for one person is not guaranteed to work for another. Wide or narrow toe box, high or low arch support, laces or straps or Boa –everyone has their own preference. This makes reviewing shoes quite difficult. | Related: Read our kit reviews. You know you have a …


The best of Eurobike: Helmets, Shoes and Sunglasses

Amongst all the bling at Eurobike, some of the most interesting new things to look at are the helmets, shoes and sunglasses. Here we give you a sample of what’s new, and what you might not have seen before …


Buying a road bike: A women’s guide

Women are told many things when they go to buy a road bike. Advice comes from all angles. There is Bike Riding Friend, Triathlete Colleague and Bike Shop Guru to name a few. Advice can overlap, but it can also greatly vary. Bikes are often purchased on impulse anyway, at the shop with the best …


Shimano R321 and R171 shoe review

Shimano is best known for its groupsets and wheels but you’d be mistaken to think of the company’s extensive line of soft-goods as an after-thought. With the success of Shimano’s R320 road shoe, the company has given its flagship shoes a facelift and has launched a new top-end model, the R321, along with a more …


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