shut up legs

Jens Voigt Interview

This week Christopher Jones from Bicycles Network Australia contacted me about something exciting you’ll all be interested in. Christopher spends his time living between Sydney and Berlin and after months of trying to line up an interview with Jens he finally got his chance. Once he got Jens on the phone, the next day they …


What Would Jens Do?

Photo by Robin Wilmott Jens, you are as hard as they come.  You chase back onto the groupetto using kids bike with toe clips after crashing at 70km/hr.  What else would you do?  Chapeau you bloody legend.



It took a while to get all the details ironed out but we’re now ready to start taking orders on the “SHUT UP LEGS” t-shirts (you need to say it with a thick German  “Jens” accent to get full effect). I’ve tried getting in contact with Jens Voigt via a friend who knows him but …


Do You Want One Too?

I’m a huge Jens Voigt fan and love to watch him ride a bike. His affable personality off the bike and his eagerness to inflict pain on himself and others is infectious. He is a hard man who doesn’t take himself too seriously and I think that’s what we all love about him. I laughed …


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