specialized venge

First-look review: Specialized Venge ViAS

By now many of you will have already seen Mark Cavendish and Peter Sagan riding Specialized’s new Venge ViAS at the Tour de Suisse. It’s perhaps the most radical departure from conventional bike design that we’ve seen in years and it’s sure to be polarising. After a claimed 1000 hours of testing, prototyping and refining the design in …


Can the Specialized Venge ViAS really save 5 minutes over 40km?

I’m sometimes told that I’m a marketer’s worst nightmare and don’t buy into technical claims or emotional techniques. So when Specialized claimed that riding their Venge ViAS and other aero equipment would save 5 mintutes over 40 kilometres, first question was, “where are the asterisks?” The numbers might stack up in theory in the wind …


Bikes of the Bunch – Specialized Venge

I’m a big fan of any bike that has something unique about it. New, old, flashy, subtle…you name it. With the soaring popularity of cycling we’re seeing more different bikes on the roads than ever before. I’ve noticed some ridiculously beautiful machines rolling around and I thought I’d start sharing some of the nicer ones …


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