What Does It Take To Win At The Bay Crits?

The Bay Crits are touted as the hardest criterium series in the World. Stacked fields, short and technical circuits, and hot weather give merit to this claim. I’ve race them before and I’ve never been so challenged before in a bike race. It’s a game of “last man standing” and most riders don’t even finish …


Gerro’s Milan-San Remo Power Analysis

Have you ever wondered what it would take to win a classic like Milan-San Remo? What it would be like to follow Cancellara’s wheel while “lactate was coming out of his ears”? Well, Gerro being the great guy that he is shared his Milan-San Remo SRM files which gives an excellent insight to what it …


Quarq v.s. Powertap – Powermeter Review

I’ve been a bit of a powermeter freak for about 7 years now and have a hard time imagining training without one. This isn’t to say that you need a powermeter, however I personally get a lot of enjoyment and insight by having one. Quite often the first thing I do when I get home …


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