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Strava now has an off-road interface, trail routes & 3D activity feed

The latest Strava update offers trail specific insights and introduces Gravel Ride, Mountain Bike, and e-Mountain Bike activity options i...

Strava has added 3D maps to its mobile apps

The latest update to the Strava app – available for paid users – is a pretty handy one.

Pro cyclists ride a heck of a long way in a year

Strava data gives us a glimpse at just what it takes to ride at the highest level.

Millions of cyclists, billions of kilometres: Unpacking a year of Strava data

What were the world's cyclists up to in 2021? Strava has the answers.

Zwift your way to a Local Legend on Strava without the boss knowing

Strava adds Local Legend feature to selected Zwift segments and the option to hide your activities from others.

Strava rolls out activity and privacy updates for subscribers and free users

New privacy settings, an app revamp, customisable maps, and your own private notepad.

Strava's latest update offers segment recommendations and custom challenges

Strava has today rolled out a major update to its app's maps and groups tabs to offer automation, challenge, and inspiration.

Power analysis: Egan Bernal's stage 9 Giro victory

Egan Bernal's Strava gives us an insight into the difficulty of grand tour racing, even before the attack for the finish line.

New Strava update makes big changes to layout, organization, and navigation

More than just a modest refresh, the latest update offers some real functional improvements.

Strava adds mesmerising 3D terrain heatmaps

The popular tracking app's Personal Heatmaps are now a whole lot lumpier.

The Strava phone app works with Bluetooth heartrate monitors again

First it giveth. Then it taketh away. It was almost 13 months ago that Strava removed the ability to use external Bluetooth and ANT+ sens...

Strava raises $110 million in Series F funding

Strava has raised $110 million in a Series F financing, the company announced Monday. The round was led by TCV and Sequoia Capital, with ...

Sarah Gigante has smashed Melbourne's 1 in 20 QOM ... and she's not done yet

On Wednesday morning Australian time trial champion (and VeloClub member) Sarah Gigante (Tibco-SVB) went on a rampage in the Dandenong Ra...

Route finding: Shoddy's favorite mapping apps

I'm guessing I'm not the only one who over the past few months found themselves daydreaming of wild, adventurous rides. I had the maps ou...

Strava debuts “Local Legends” consistency classification

Strava has a new type of leaderboard, rewarding consistency, not speed. Local Legends leaderboards are based on the number of times a rid...

Strava shake-up: major changes for paid and free users

With over 55 million users, Strava is undoubtedly the leading cycling and running training app. However, with so many of those users maki...

This stunning photo-set is a glimpse of cycling in the darkest moments

When COVID-19 hit Europe, ordinary life in the worst-hit countries went out the window. In a desperate race to limit the spread of the vi...

From the Top: How Strava was built podcast transcript

Listen to the full podcast episode here. Wade Wallace: Maybe the best place to start from is back at the beginning of when you guys met. ...

Shoddy counts down Strava's 20 fastest bikes

Another week can only mean one thing. Well, actually, it can mean many things, but in this instance, I'm referring to there being another...

The top 20 fastest road bikes in the world, according to Strava

Strava’s strength is in its scale: more than 50 million athletes tracking where they’ve gone and how fast they went there. Together with ...

What impact are lockdowns having on the indoor training market?

As the spread of coronavirus forces increasingly stringent restrictions on movement around the world, the door is slamming shut on outdoo...