Stuart O’Grady

How I won Paris-Roubaix (from the breakaway)

The title of Paris-Roubaix winner belongs to a select few – the cream of the crop of cobbled riders. It takes experience, skill, a strong team and a healthy helping of luck to win Roubaix, and you can multiply those factors several times for a rider to win the race from an early break. It …


Best of Adelaide: helpful hints from the local pros

In Adelaide for the Santos Tour Down Under and looking for things to do and places to ride when you’re not standing sideline cheering on the world’s best? We’ve got you covered. We asked Adelaide locals Tiffany Cromwell, Stuart O’Grady, Nettie Edmondson, Rohan Dennis, Carlee Taylor, Gene Bates, Mel Hoskins, Tim Roe and Amber Halliday …


An interview with Stuart O’Grady

It’s been a little more than seven months since Stuart O’Grady retired from the sport and, a day or so later, admitted to using EPO in preparation for the 1998 Tour de France. Now, on the eve of the release of his book, “Battle Scars”, Stuart O’Grady is on a media tour to talk about …


Ride a kilometre in O’Grady’s shoes before judging

I get it. I get why riders in past generations used performance-enhancing drugs. I’m not saying it’s right nor do I condone it, but I get it.


The Statesmen of the Peloton

I’ve been reading Robbie McEwen’s autobiography “One Way Road” which has been fascinating on a few different levels. The book is a good reminder of the generation of riders still racing but are in the twilight of their careers. Most of them are acting as mentors for the younger riders and no longer getting the …


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