Supplements for cyclists: What to take, what not to take

As endurance athletes we tend to be very aware of what we put into our bodies. To keep up with the taxing rides, workouts and competitions, the body demands very specific fuel. Hang around a group of elite athletes long enough and you’ll see all sorts of dietary habits. However, nutrition from food alone often isn’t enough …


Sports supplements and accidental doping – how big is the risk?

The vast majority of professional cyclists take nutritional supplements of some kind and they certainly aren’t alone – many amateur riders do as well. But according to several riders that have been accused of doping in recent years, nutrition supplements can often be to blame for a positive test. So is that the case, or …


Sports Foods and Supplements – Where Do You Get Your Info?

I’ve always been interested in sports nutrition but quickly reached my capacity when talking about it on this blog. Everything I know has been pieced together by reading magazines, books or talking with mates and I’d have a hard time backing my words up with credible information if  I’m challenged. This is why I’m happy to …


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