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Q&A: Doug Ryder on Team Qhubeka's closure, its legacy, and its future

In this wide-ranging, exclusive interview, the Team Qhubeka-NextHash principal opens up about his team's journey.

Sex toys, cybercrime, and cycling sponsorship: The bizarre tale of NextHash

What's the thread connecting cycling with North Korean military hackers and the adult industry? NextHash, Team Qhubeka’s last title sponsor.

Qhubeka NextHash confirms that its WorldTour team will shut down at the end of 2021

The Qhubeka NextHash WorldTour team will not continue into 2022.

Qhubeka-NextHash riders reportedly 'able to seek opportunities elsewhere'

Financial uncertainty continues at Qhubeka-NextHash.

Qhubeka NextHash riders and staff have reportedly not yet been paid August salaries

The team reportedly told riders and staff in an email about an "unexpected delay" in payments.

What's the story behind NextHash, Team Qhubeka's mysterious new sponsor?

A strange tale of cryptocurrency, more offices than employees, and more questions than answers.