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The SHEcret Pro: Your feedback, received

Since the latest column from the SHEcret Pro posted last week, we’ve received a fair amount of feedback — some positive, some not so much. I want our audience to know that we read your feedback — via the comments section, Facebook and Twitter — and we take it all into consideration. And I want to address …


The SHEcret Pro: Dishing on Vos, the newbies in the peloton and relationships

The season is now well and truly underway, and with the nerves of the first races now behind us, it’s business as usual on the world cycling stage. Racing as a full time professional rider is a complete lifestyle- while I’m sure a lot of people can see the perks and are jealous of a …


The SHEcret Pro: On Australia’s Summer of Cycling

Yep, I was finally let into Australia, and got to see what all the fuss was about Down Under in the summer. For years I have been hearing from certain Australian friends how ‘awesome’ and ‘heaps good’ Australia is, and now, I realise for the first time, they weren’t lying. For non-Aussies, it’s hard to …

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