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Want on-the-fly tyre pressure adjustment? Gravaa’s KAPS wheels can do that

These gravel and MTB wheelsets have a pump in the hub to inflate and deflate tyre pressure at the touch of a button.

Move over, Silca: Enve has a new $750 tire inflation device

Already bored with your custom-painted Silca SuperPista Ultimate floor pump? Looking for something a little higher-tech now that you’re f...

JRA with the Angry Asian: Does frame compliance still matter?

I’ve long thought that carbon-fiber road frames have been on an asymptotic development path; even mid-range models these days are exceedi...

CyclingTips Podcast, Episode 9: Rethinking road bike tire sizes and pressures

Road cyclists have long taken as a given that, if you want to go fast, you need relatively narrow tires and high inflation pressures. Tha...