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Cool Tool Tuesday #12: Hands on with 12 new tools

A close look at the latest from Wera, Park Tool, PNW, Pedro's, Fumpa, and more.

Cool Tool Tuesday #10: Talking Torque wrenches, part one

A deep dive in how to find the best torque wrench for bicycle work.

Daysaver Original9 and Coworking5 multi-tool review: 14 tools, 72 grams

The smallest, lightest, and most expensive cycling multi-tool.

Cool Tool Tuesday #5: 25 new bike tools for 2022, part two

Perhaps this will inspire #newtoolday for you.

The best derailleur hanger alignment tool: 9 tested

Once thought to be only for workshop use, a hanger gauge is now a commonly needed tool to achieve perfect shifting.

Topeak JoeBlow Tubi 2Stage floor pump review

A do-it-all floor pump that can seat tubeless tyres in one stroke.

Spotlight: Shimano's new brake bleed tools

A new hose-end fitting and revised bleed cups aim to ease the service task.

Review: The best bicycle tyre inflators to use with an air compressor

Got an air compressor? Learn what inflator is best with eight reviewed plus some DIY ideas.

Spotlight: Wolf Tooth Travel Tool Wrap review

Cycling-focussed tool storage with a place for everything.

Spotlight: Maxima Matte Finish Cleaner review

Tired of your dirty-looking matte paint? This is the magic water you seek.

Spotlight: Enduro Pro Bearing Puller BBT-222 tool review

A professional-grade blind-hole bearing removal tool with a couple of special tricks.

Spotlight: Dynaplug Racer Pro review

Dave Rome's new favourite tubeless plug tool.

Spotlight: Pro Team Digital torque wrench

A tool that goes beep-beep and offers professional-level accuracy.

Spotlight: Arundel Shop Inflator

A dedicated Presta inflator for use with any air compressor.

Wolf Tooth 8-Bit Pack Pliers review: A rethink of the classic multi-tool

Wolf Tooth’s new 8-Bit Pack Pliers multi-tool looks nothing like the Swiss army knife that most portable bicycle tools are designed to mi...

Pedro’s Vise Whip II: a well-loved tool gets updated

Removing a cassette from a wheel isn’t a difficult task, but it does require two specialist tools. First, you need a tool to undo the loc...

Wolf Tooth EnCase Bar Kit One multi-tool review: Tiny size, big on function

The proliferation of dropper seatposts and the advent of enduro racing have effectively killed off the use of seat packs on mountain bike...

How to check for chain wear: The easy way, the best way, and why

Your bicycle’s chain is put through hell every time you ride. For every minute of pedaling, approximately 44,000 chain pieces are in moti...

Fumpa and miniFumpa electric bicycle pumps review

Inflating tyres is just part of being a cyclist. Thankfully pumps are rather refined and the task is hardly tedious. Despite that, there ...

Novel Wolf Tooth Components HAT flips the script on derailleur hanger tools

Without exception, every rear derailleur hanger alignment tool operates in a similar manner: you remove the rear derailleur, install the ...

Unior Pro Home Set tool kit review

Things have never been easier if you’re looking to click your fingers and start working on your bikes. For approximately every seven cat ...