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21 cool new bike tools for 2022

The latest from Abbey Bike Tools, Park Tool, Pedro's, Silca, Topeak, Wolf Tooth, Unior, and more.

OneUp EDC Lite steerer-based multi-tool review

An affordable tool that hides inside an alloy fork steerer tube.

Topeak JoeBlow Tubi 2Stage floor pump review

A do-it-all floor pump that can seat tubeless tyres in one stroke.

Spotlight: Shimano's new brake bleed tools

A new hose-end fitting and revised bleed cups aim to ease the service task.

Review: The best bicycle tyre inflators to use with an air compressor

Got an air compressor? Learn what inflator is best with eight reviewed plus some DIY ideas.

A guide to air compressors for bicycles

A great addition to the home workshop, an air compressor assists with cleaning and inflating.

Pedro’s overhauls its popular tools for 2021

Fresh hex keys, chain keepers, home mechanic tool kits, and more.

Spotlight: Enduro Pro Bearing Puller BBT-222 tool review

A professional-grade blind-hole bearing removal tool with a couple of special tricks.

Park Tool releases new derailleur hanger gauge, bit tool and more

New workshop tools include a one-handed interchangeable bit tool and a better derailleur hanger gauge.

Spotlight: Pro Team Digital torque wrench

A tool that goes beep-beep and offers professional-level accuracy.

Spotlight: Arundel Shop Inflator

A dedicated Presta inflator for use with any air compressor.

Ten products I loved in 2020: Dave Rome

Well, what a year it has been. Things started off as usual, and then nothing was normal. The lack of travel proved a blessing in disguise...

CT Tech Round-Up #12: New gear from Fizik, PRO, Wera, and more

Tech Round-Ups provide a look at some of the gear that comes across our desks here at CyclingTips. Sometimes it’s products we’re doing lo...

Wolf Tooth 8-Bit Pack Pliers review: A rethink of the classic multi-tool

Wolf Tooth’s new 8-Bit Pack Pliers multi-tool looks nothing like the Swiss army knife that most portable bicycle tools are designed to mi...

Pedro’s Vise Whip II: a well-loved tool gets updated

Removing a cassette from a wheel isn’t a difficult task, but it does require two specialist tools. First, you need a tool to undo the loc...

CT Tech Round-Up #9: New gear from Giant, Pearl Izumi, Suntour, and more

A lot of new gear gets sent to us here at CyclingTips. Our Tech Round-Ups are a look at some of that gear. Sometimes we'll feature produc...

Granite Design Stash RCX multi-tool review: Hidden in a carbon steerer

Hidden on-the-bike tools have quickly become commonplace within the mountain bike world. However such things have been a little slower to...

CT Tech Round-Up #7: New gear from Topeak, Park Tool, Rudy Project, and more

A lot of new gear comes across our desks here at CyclingTips. Our Tech Round-Ups are a look at some of that gear. Sometimes it's products...

Abbey Bike Tools releases new range of burlier shop tools

Aching for a tech fix now that the annual Sea Otter Classic trade show has been pushed back to October? Never fear! In its place, we brin...

Battle of the electric tire inflators: Fumpa vs Xiaomi Mijia

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Fumpa portable air pump, a handheld device that lets you accurately check and top up tire pressure w...