Tour of Friendship

Tour of Friendship Video and Competition

You might remember back in May I did this race in Thailand called the Tour of Friendship. It’s a little out of date now but I recently received this video made by Dave Christenson taken from the time we were there. Among many other remarkable things, Dave is a filmmaker who shares our passion for …


Neil Pryde Diablo Review

Back in May I was fortunate to be invited to join the Neil Pryde team and race the Tour of Friendship in Thailand with them. One of the perks of this gig was that they supplied me with a brand new Diablo to try out and race in some testing conditions.


Tour of Friendship | Stage 5 – Done and Dusted

I can’t believe it’s over already. While I was in another breakaway yeterday it was one of the rare moments in a race that I wishing the stage was longer so it wouldn’t come to an end this soon.


Tour of Friendship | Stage 4. Getting Tired…

Yesterday was another smeltering day with some relatively big climbs. It was my third day in a row in a breakaway for 100km+ and I’m absolutely rooted this morning. Twelve bidons every day and ten gels is getting to be a bit much to stomach. Today’s final stage is a flat 85km roll back into …


Tour of Friendship | Stage 3 – KAMIKAZE!

Today  was exactly what I hoped racing in Thailand would be like. Quiet back roads, beautiful scenery, lots of hills, agressive racing, and best of all – sunshine and blue skys. I wish I could have taken photos but filling up my waterbottles and covering attacks kept me busy for the 150km stage in 37C …


Tour of Friendship | Stage 2. INSANE!

Today was THEE craziest day of bike racing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve done a lot of bike races, so that’s a pretty big statement.


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