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Anti-trans group protests at US cyclocross nationals

Trans rights supporters have criticised USA Cycling for not condemning the protestors.

'I am just Natalie, not Natalie the transgender cyclist'

After 15 years in the peloton, Natalie van Gogh is hanging up her wheels.

Let down by US military ban, trans Navy veteran turns to cycling

It was Friday, August 25, 2017, and Kallie Winners was getting ready for work just like any other day. Getting ready to head out the door...

Cycling Australia introduces new transgender athlete policy

Following the news of USA Cycling's new policy on transgender athletes, Cycling Australia told CyclingTips that they, too, are in the pro...

USA Cycling releases updated policy on transgender athletes

Ever since the International Olympic Committee (IOC) released its revised guidelines on transgender athletes in January 2016, sports gove...

Paving the way for transgender cyclists: The story of Jillian Bearden

Coming in just two-thirds of a second ahead of second place finisher Anna Sparks, winning El Tour de Tucson in November had been a big mo...