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Dynaplug Covert Drop review: The fanciest of handlebar-stashed tubeless plugs 

Hide four pre-loaded tubeless plugs within either a flat or drop handlebar.

Vittoria’s new Corsa N.EXT tire review: The classic Corsa, now in nylon

The Vittoria Corsa family of high-performance road tires gains its first nylon model, and there’s plenty of Corsa DNA baked in.

Revamped Roval Rapide CLX II and Alpinist CLX II wheels are tubeless at last

They looked tubeless-compatible when they debuted in 2020, yet they had to be run with tubes. Now there's an identical-looking second gen...

Silca’s new Ultimate tubeless tire sealant is made of carbon fiber — really

Intriguing new tubeless sealant formula is claimed to seal a 5 mm gash at 100 psi.

JRA with the Angry Asian: Tire brands should tell us how much sealant to use

Tire brands seem content to defer to sealant companies, but no one knows tires better than the companies that made them.

Zipp 353 NSW wheelset review: is comfort the new aero?

A deep dive on these all-rounder halo wheels.

An endless FAQ to tubeless bicycle tyres

Everything you need to know (and more) about tubeless tyres, rims, sealant, installation, and riding tubeless.

Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR tubeless road clincher officially announced

Claimed to be lighter, faster, and more durable, Grand Prix 5000 S TR is now hookless-compatible, too.

Tubeless tyres just won Roubaix: Is today the day tubulars died?

Bye bye tubular tyres. Is this the end for tubulars now that tubeless has a Roubaix win?

The time of tubulars is coming to an end

It mightn't be long until even seasoned pro mechanics can barely remember the smell of tubular glue.

Mavic hits the reset button with new Cosmic SLR 45 Disc road wheelset

Iconic French wheel brand Mavic is hoping to turn the page after the tumult of the past few months, now that it’s finally found stability...

2020 Tour de France tech: Inside EF’s tubeless tire foam party

At no other time in modern road racing history has there been such a multi-pronged assault on the once-untouchable tubular tire. However,...

Terske titanium tubeless valves: predictably expensive, unexpectedly good

You’re probably familiar with the concept of a forever bike, commonly made of steel or titanium, that’s built to your specifications and ...

Bontrager TLR Flash Charger floor pump review: Tubeless without a compressor

As far as tubeless technology has progressed, it’s still more often than not that you'll need more than a standard floor pump to get tire...

Schwalbe's new Pro One tire: Tubular feel from tubeless

Schwalbe has released the next iteration of its Pro One tire, which is claimed to be a completely new design to offer a "souplesse" feel,...

Tubeless tires gaining ground in road and TT stages at the Tour de France

Fans of tubeless road tires have been eagerly awaiting the adoption of the technology at the upper echelon of the sport, and only recentl...

Maxxis tubeless gravel tyres review: Ravager versus Rambler and Re-Fuse

Gravel riding can mean all sorts of things, depending on where a rider chooses to ride. While there is some expectation than an amount of...

Continental goes tubeless with new Grand Prix 5000 road tire

The Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II is considered by many riders to be the finest all-around premium road tire currently on the market —...

Dynaplug tubeless tyre repair kit review: lots of choices, all fantastic

I was on a group ride in South Africa a few years ago when one of the guys got a flat. Before I had even unclipped from my pedals, the fl...

Mavic goes all-in on tubeless road clinchers with Road UST system

Hutchinson and Shimano brought the concept of tubeless road clinchers to the mass market almost ten years ago, and the list of tire and w...

The new normal: the current thinking behind wide road wheel design

It was only just a handful of years ago that 15mm was considered an optimal width for everyday road wheels, narrow enough to slice throug...