Examining the myth: Why are punctures more frequent in the rain?

There are many reasons why riders abhor the rain, be it the discomfort of wet clothing (wet socks are the worst), the risk of coming unstuck, or the extra maintenance required to clean up the bike and keep it running smoothly and quietly. Having spent several years as a year-round commuter, I thought I was …


Rubber side down: the function of road tyre tread patterns

Our intuition tells us that tyres with a patterned tread are less likely to be slippery in wet conditions, but is that really the case? In this article, CTech Editor Matt Wikstrom looks at the factors that influence the grip of road tyres.


Tyre trends: what the teams are using for Paris-Roubaix

Paris-Roubaix is one of the biggest races on the international cycling calendar, not just for the riders lining up to take on the rough stuff, but for the mechanics too. Indeed tyre choice is more important at Paris-Roubaix than in any other race throughout the year. CyclingTips’ European reported Dave Everett spoke to team mechanics …


Schwalbe Ultremo ZX Tubeless Tyre Review

The road tubeless tyre market has grown since Wade tested Hutchinson’s Fusion 2 tyres in 2009. Hutchinson now offers three tubeless models for the road, while other companies such as Bontrager and Maxxis have recently added tubeless tyres to their range. At the same time, the number of tubeless-ready or -compatible wheelsets has grown considerably …


How To Get the Best Out of Your Tyres

If you’re spending thousands of dollars on new carbon fiber components looking for that edge and haven’t considered your tyres, you might be searching in the wrong place. In this post Matt Wikstrom (CTech Editor) looks at the effect of tyres and tubes on rolling resistance and feel of the ride which can change substantially …


Cycling Twips

First and foremost, I want to thank each and every reader who comes to this blog.  It’s grown exponentially and I’m grateful that you have a couple minutes of your busy day to give your attention here.  I know you have a dozen other cycling websites to visit while you’re supposed to be working so …


Hutchinson Fusion 2 Tubless Tires

A very well kept secret in the world of tires is that you can use the Hutchinson Fusion 2 Tubeless Tires on a regular set of everyday rims. “But I thought they could only be used on specially made like Dura Ace or Falcrum Zero wheels?”, you ask.  Not so.  Me being me, I got …


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