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Wollongong is Australia's only UCI Bike City. What does that actually mean?

How a sleepy steel town became one of just 20 Bike Cities in the world.

Sylvan Adams is ready to take the UCI to court for its ‘bastard system'

With relegation looming for Israel-Premier Tech, the team's owner is ready to fight for their future.

Philippe Gilbert has some choice words for the UCI about that Burgos crash

The former world champion is not happy.

Under new UCI rules, Tour de France won't kick out teams with COVID

The door is open for COVID positive riders to stay in the peloton, too.

UCI politely requests that TDF riders pin their damn numbers on

The UCI sent a letter to teams requesting they cease using number sleeves.

TT bikes sans UCI rules: faster or fashion?

Peak aero or history repeating itself? What the latest prototype bikes, Ironman and the fashion industry tell us about a new crop of aero...

The UCI's new testing jig has lasers and algorithms

The new jig developed in conjuction with BikeFitting.com is said to offer accuracy, reliability, and quicker testing.

The UCI won't drop droppers in road races

UCI drops talk of dropping droppers ban with statement drop on droppers dropping in races

Opinion: A Better Way To Punish Putin And His Enablers

Sports is absolutely a valid venue for sanctions against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but the UCI’s current approach is a mess.

British Cycling calls for tougher measures in cycling's Ukraine response

British Cycling is pushing for the suspension of the Russian and Belarusian Federations, management committee members, and riders.

The Russian billionaire at the heart of world cycling

Who is Igor Makarov, and how deep does his influence in cycling go? 

UCI status revoked from Russian and Belarusian teams

The UCI stopped short of banning Russian and Belarusian athletes from racing for trade teams.

International Olympic Committee recommends ban on Russian and Belarusian athletes

"The Olympic Movement is united in its mission to contribute to peace through sport and to unite the world in peaceful competition beyond...

Condemnation but no promises of action: UCI responds to Russian invasion of Ukraine

The UCI says that it 'firmly condemns the violation of international law and of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.'

David Lappartient has been elected to the IOC

The UCI president has signed on for an eight-year term.

UCI to allow the use of drones from March

Drones can be used to film races, as long as some strict guidelines are followed.

Four teams, one kit: The great 2022 beachy fade kerfuffle

How do four teams all have very similar 2022 kits?

The Secret Pro: It's time rider safety was taken seriously

The Secret Pro has had enough of the 'lip-service' approach to safety and wants actual change.

Abu Dhabi, internationally beloved cycling destination, just got a UCI award

UCI: “Scratch our back and we’ll scratch yours.”

The UCI and Sylvan Adams have helped 165 people evacuate from Afghanistan

The UCI, Israel Start-Up Nation co-owner Sylvan Adams, and others worked together to help evacuate people from Afghanistan.

The UCI's plan for a joint U23-elite Worlds road race is a cop-out

The peloton lacks development, and a U23 race would help close the gap between juniors and elites.