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Six months on, Ukraine’s cyclists ride on in the dark

We catch up with the riders of Ukraine nearly 200 days after war broke out.

Still in limbo, Gazprom rider calls for resolution 50 days on from suspension

Nicola Conci has called for the UCI and CPA to act as riders and team staff struggle without salaries and job certainty.

Ullrich and Martin sell off bikes and medals to raise funds for Ukraine

Fundraising efforts from the cycling community continue.

A Ukrainian's story of a war and a bike

Artur Edamov is a Ukrainian cyclist living in Kharkiv. Through his camera and his words, this is his story.

Tony Martin auctions treasured Olympic silver medal for Ukrainian children

The retired German pro hopes to play a ‘small part’ to help the children and families worst affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Pressure mounts on UCI over Russian ties

A rift has formed around the continued presence of certain management committee members, including Igor Makarov.

Gallery: The "chosen hardship" of Lachlan Morton's ride to Ukraine

As war rages in Ukraine, Lachlan Morton set out on a very big bike ride to fundraise for refugees.

Polish team sacrifices calendar to transport Ukrainian refugees

HRE Mazowsze Serce Polski Team is choosing humanity over sport, passing on race starts so it can send its vehicles to the border.

Opinion: A Better Way To Punish Putin And His Enablers

Sports is absolutely a valid venue for sanctions against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but the UCI’s current approach is a mess.

British Cycling calls for tougher measures in cycling's Ukraine response

British Cycling is pushing for the suspension of the Russian and Belarusian Federations, management committee members, and riders.

UCI status revoked from Russian and Belarusian teams

The UCI stopped short of banning Russian and Belarusian athletes from racing for trade teams.

International Olympic Committee recommends ban on Russian and Belarusian athletes

"The Olympic Movement is united in its mission to contribute to peace through sport and to unite the world in peaceful competition beyond...