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SPD Crocs are a thing that exists now

The product that the cycling world was screaming out for.

Chrome and Panaracer team up for urban cycling shoe range

Pedal-friendly shoes that don't scream 'cyclist'.

For female cyclists, street harassment is a real concern

We have all been there. We’re riding along the road and a car passes just a little too close, honking obnoxiously or hurling insults. “Ge...

Dodging cars and harassment, women bike messengers band together for support

“You’re way too pretty to be doing this job,” a receptionist says to bike messenger Kelly Pennington on a winter day in Montreal. “Oh, th...

Commuter jeans reviewed: Levi's vs. Osloh

When I look out the window I find another grey and wet winter morning. Temperatures are mild but the rain clouds are ever-present. I need...