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Protection from the cold and the ground comes at a price. Are Assos's new bib tights worth the staggering price tag?

The Tipping Point, a 'thank you' letter to winter

To wet arses and slick corners and nasty headwinds, a thank you.

Review: The $725 Assos Johdah jacket and Equipe RS range is frustratingly good

Assos has raised the bar for clothing prices but are the price tags justified?

Layering: How to dress for cold winter cycling

Here's the science behind staying comfortable during cold weather rides.

What's more Canadian than a bear saying sorry? Ice bikes

While many of us have tried ice skating and all of us have ridden a bike, what do you do if it's just too icy to ride? Calgary has the an...

Winter boots vs Overshoes: What should you buy for winter riding?

It's that time of year again when the weather turns grim; the roads get covered in grime, the heavens open up, and the chilly winds make ...

Can you buy a complete winter cycling clothing wardrobe for $200?

Back when the sun was shining here in France I put together a few videos for all the new cyclists out there, all those folks finding two ...

Winter riding tips I learned from racing in sub-zero conditions

  Last week we got our first snow of the season here in the Pacific Northwest. As the puffy flakes came down from the sky that eveni...

Winter weather wear

I’ve found myself compulsively checking my weather app lately. Melbourne has been less than impressive in the weather department - rainy,...