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From Iowa to Dénia via Watopia with Zwift Academy finalist Liz van Houweling

Van Houweling went from racing in her living room to competing for a contract at the Zwift Academy finals.

Zwift has added a bunch of new routes

Zwift's latest update brings bug fixes and a whole new map with eight new routes.

Wahoo X just got interesting: smart trainer and virtual world for $29/month

In the Great Indoor Training War of 2022, we, the riders are the winners so far.

Wahoo is suing Zwift for patent infringement

Wahoo believes that Zwift's first smart trainer is a "blatant and clear" violation of its patents.

Meta seems to have some ideas about the future of cycling

A new ad for tech giant Meta is all about internet-enabled cycling.

Zwift launches $499 Zwift Hub direct drive trainer

The Zwift Hub trainer is intended to make getting on Zwift easier and (a bit) cheaper.

Zwift will let you race yourself with Holographic Replay

The ghost files are back.

Nerd Alert podcast: A little honesty goes a long way 

Discussing the latest in the world of cycling tech.

Zwift announces staff layoffs and a halt to trainer plans

Zwift had been expected to release its own range of trainers this year but those plans, along with numerous jobs, are now gone.

Zwift fix addresses weight-doping exploit

Zwift announces first fix in "a series of security changes" to address weight-doping and game integrity.

Zwift CEO Eric Min's statement on weight-doping and apology on shadow ban

Eric Min, the co-founder and CEO of Zwift, has taken to the Zwift Forum to apologise to whistleblower Luciano Pollastri and address the w...

Zwift bans whistleblower for publishing details of powerful weight-doping cheat

When one Zwift user published a simple, effective, and undetectable Zwift weight-doping cheat, he found himself on the receiving end of t...

Preview: A deep dive into the 2022 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships

Everything you need to know to watch, enjoy, and maybe even participate in the UCI Esports World Championships.

Cycling in the metaverse: How will bike riding change as the internet evolves?

Here's what the predicted rise of virtual reality, augmented reality, and blockchains could mean for our sport.

Zwift Premium: Would you pay more for Zwift to be your coach?

A survey to Zwift subscribers proposes new premium features and asks how much respondents are prepared to pay.

How to build your perfect pain cave: Part three – nice-to-have accessories

The final instalment in the definitive guide to building the best indoor training setup.

How to build your perfect pain cave: Part two – essential accessories

To get the most out of your indoor riding you'll need more than just a smart trainer.

Zwift's Neokyo city is open for visitors

This expansion of the Makuri Islands region offers eight new routes with 21 km of new roads.

Zwift teases what’s to come for 2022

Zwift gives us an insight into how Zwifters train and forthcoming updates including new roads, a new home screen, and clubs for all.

Zwift your way to a Local Legend on Strava without the boss knowing

Strava adds Local Legend feature to selected Zwift segments and the option to hide your activities from others.

Zwift update offers better route badge tracking and planning

Zwift's new update makes tracking progress easier and should help eliminate any nasty surprises with route selection.