A special collaboration in support of The Cyclists’ Alliance


As you know, we’re super passionate about women’s cycling here at CyclingTips, so to share our love for the women’s side of the sport, we’ve teamed up with Black Sheep Cycling and The Cyclists’ Alliance.

For a very limited time, we are combining a VeloClub Membership with a Cyclists’ Alliance Supporter membership plus the option of either a Black Sheep cycling cap or jersey – from only US$119 / AU$159 / £85.

Why is The Cyclists’ Alliance important?

In 2019 we launched ‘Why It Matters’ – a concerted effort to grow our coverage of women’s cycling. The success of that campaign enabled us to bring on new staff like Abby Mickey and José Been, to launch the Freewheeling women’s podcast, and to increase our focus on the rapidly growing world of women’s cycling.

Around the same time, The Cyclists’ Alliance was getting off the ground. 

Founded by a group of former and current pros, The Cyclists’ Alliance provides holistic support to female cyclists during and after their careers. 

In their own words, they are “funded purely by donations and subscriptions” and “their aim is to level the playing field and help the hard-working women of today’s peloton make a living from the sport.”

CyclingTips’ Abby Mickey explains: “If you’re an avid fan of cycling – men’s and women’s – you will know that the athletes themselves are often overlooked. As the backbone of the sport, most of the time they don’t get enough support and sometimes even the basic human rights that they deserve. They are overlooked, spat out, and forgotten. The Cyclists’ Alliance is working to make sure the athletes themselves not only have a voice in the sport but also have better working conditions, and all the tools they need to stand up for their rights”.

“When I was racing the Cyclists’ Alliance would have made a world of difference. I support them because of what they are doing for the future of the sport, creating real change through mentorship, legal support, and more.”

– Abby Mickey

Many of CyclingTips’ VeloClub members grouped together during last year’s chaotic, COVID-affected season to support The Cyclists’ Alliance. Which got us thinking about how we could continue that, and even take it a step further …

So we’ve joined forces with clothing brand Black Sheep to create something that makes noise, spreads the word, and rallies our respective communities to join us in this mission. 

To do that, we’re introducing ‘EQUALS’ – a bright, bold, loud and proud kit design. 

It’s inspired by street art and its use as a medium for spreading messages, rallying communities, and, importantly, provoking action.

“Women’s cycling is gaining momentum around the world, and the message is clear: it’s an exciting sport that is worthy of attention. Just like this kit!”

– Gracie Elvin, The Cyclists’ Alliance.


Purchase an EQUALS cap bundle including:

  • An annual membership to VeloClub
  • A one-year supporter’s membership to The Cyclists’ Alliance
  • A CyclingTips x Black Sheep EQUALS cycling cap or jersey (depending on the bundle)
  • From US$119 / AU$159 / £85

Purchase some merchandise:

  • Make a purchase of any CyclingTips x Black Sheep EQUALS merchandise to help fund The Cyclists’ Alliance (including caps, socks, jerseys, gilets, and shorts).
  • This kit is available for pre-order from Friday July 9 to Friday July 23, 9am AEST / 12am BST / 4pm PST (July 8).

Whichever option you prefer, we’d love you to join us as we continue to showcase the beauty of women’s cycling and support The Cyclists’ Alliance.



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